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Runyon Award

The club will honor Norm Clarke – columnist extraordinaire in Las Vegas – at its 21st Annual Damon Runyon Award Banquet, to be held Friday, April 24, at the Denver Marriott City Center.  Learn More

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About the Club

The Denver Press Club is the nation's oldest press club. Denver journalists met as "a press club" in 1867 and incorporated as "the Denver Press Club" in 1877, a year after Colorado became the 38th state...

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Home to media, public relations, advertising, education and politics. We welcome you to join the Denver Press Club – the nation's oldest press club - which traces to its first organizational meeting to 1867.

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Facilities Rental

The Denver Press Club is the venue of choice for media events, business meetings, wedding receptions and more!

This Week's Events

Upcoming Events

10 Apr

Friday, April 10, 6-7:30 p.m., GUEST BARTENDER is Michael de Yoanna, producer of Colorado Public Radio's "Colorado Matters" talk show. All are welcome.

He is also directing and producing a documentary film about veterans healing the woiunds of war through a simple pursuit - bicycling. He started in journalism 15 years ago as a daily newspaper reporter and then moved to alternative weeklies and magazines. He later freelanced for a variety of organizations, including "48 Hours Mystery,"

"60 Minutes," Salon, 5280 and The Washington Times. He joined CPR in 2014, leaving 7News in Denver. His awards include a national Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting. His tips will go to CPR.

11 Apr

Saturday, April 11, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. at Front Range Community College, 3645 W. 112th Ave., Westminster, the COLORADO AUTHORS' LEAGUE presents "Genre Fest" and a workshop with author David Morrell, who wrote "First Blood," which introduced the Rambo character.
Registration costs $70 for members and $80 for nonmembers through March 31; both rise to $90 on April 1. Register at

Morrell will present a workshop on "How to Write Bestselling Fiction," followed by breakout sessions taught by successful writers in their genre specialties. The workshop includes the program, lunch and a copy of Morrell's latest book, "Inspector of the Dead."

Genre Fest presenters include Daniel Levine on mystery/crime, Kay Bergstrom on romance, Warren Hammond on science fiction/fantasy, Denise Vega on young adult, R.T. Lawton on short stories and Phyllis Perry on children's books.

14 Apr

Tuesday, April 14, 6:30 p.m., BOOK BEAT with journalist Bruce Barcott, whose new book is titled "Weed the People." The event is free and open to all. No registration necessary.

The book traces the history and legalization of marijuana in the United States and investigates the question, "Have the past 75 years of marijuana prohibition been wholly unnecessary, or are we deluding ourselves about the harm we're about to unleash?" Barcott chronicles how marijuana is changing from a demonized drug to a medicine and mild intoxicant. The book offers and insightful and often funny dive into the booming pot industry and a look at the legal, social, cultural and personal changes brought about by the changing status of the world's most controversial plant.

16 Apr

Thursday, April 16, 6:30 p.m., the Denver Press Club board of directors meets. Members are encouraged to attend.

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Weekly Tally

  • Members: 413
  • Bank loan: $229,196.14
  • In the bank:$74,916.12
  • Dues billed for FY 2015: 297 invoices for a total of $42,242
  • Dues paid so far for FY 2015: 164 for a total of $25,561.50

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Buffet Dinner Meal Choices This Week

  • Wednesday, March 25: Burger night, with hand-cut French fries. Choice of hamburger, vegetable burger or salmon burger, $6.00
  • Thursday, March 26: Stuffed peppers, pasta, tossed salad, $10.00
  • Friday, March 27: Made-to-order BLT sandwiches, chips, $6.00
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