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About the Club

The Denver Press Club is the nation's oldest press club. Denver journalists met as "a press club" in 1867 and incorporated as "the Denver Press Club" in 1877, a year after Colorado became the 38th state...

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Facilities Rental

The Denver Press Club is the venue of choice for media events, business meetings, wedding receptions and more!

This Week's Events

Upcoming Events

24 Sep

Wednesday, Sept. 24, 6:30 p.m., the Colorado Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists presents "Five Years Later: The Denver Newspaper War." More details to come.

26 Sep

Friday, Sept. 26, 6 p.m., GUEST BARTENDER will be KEN CUSTER, publisher of The Review (the advertising and marketing review). His Guest Bartender tips will benefit the Autism Society.

10 Oct

Friday, Oct. 10, GRIDIRON SHOW, 7 p.m., at the Reiman Theater in the newly renovated Margery Reed Hall building (2306 East Evans Avenue) on the DU campus; the building also houses the Daniels College of Business. Tickets cost $30 per person (you can sign up right now at and there will be a cash bar and free appetizers.

Do you love satire? Do you enjoy seeing big names from media and politics let their hair down on stage?

Governor John Hickenlooper and the Hick-tones will perform once again as the Denver Press Club brings back the satirical Gridiron Show -- with a theme of "50 Shades of Crap."

This event is open to the public and is a fundraiser for the nation's oldest press club.

It's a night of satire, mostly in song, skewering politics, popular culture and whatever else catches our fancy.

The core cast returns: Edie Sonn, Stephen Koenigsberg, Ruth Darling-Goldberg of Vintage Spare Parts, Tom Corona, Cynthia Rose, Cynthia Hessin of Rocky Mountain PBS and Bruce Goldberg. Fred Brown, the retired Statehouse reporter from The Denver Post and 9News, once again will serve as master of ceremonies and offer up some hilarious haikus.

Our performers will include, among others, part of the 9News morning crew (Gary Shapiro, Cory Rose, Belen DeLeon and Gregg Moss), who will sing one song. Representatives from the Colorado Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America also will perform one song.

"No Sacred Cows" is our permanent theme, and join us as we prove it.

Free parking will be available in the underground parking lot of the Daniels College of Business, off University Boulevard, just south of Evans Avenue.

26 Nov

Wednesday, Nov. 26, WILD TURKEY NIGHT. More details to follow.

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Weekly Tally

  • Members: 407
  • Bank loan: $207,221.33
  • In the bank:$21,909.25
  • Dues billed for FY 2014: 296 invoices for a total of $47,426.60
  • Dues paid so far for FY 2014: 214 for a total of $33,008.00

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Buffet Dinner Meal Choices This Week

  • Wednesday, Sept. 10:
    Burger Night, with fries. Hamburgers, salmon burgers, veggie burgers, $6.00.
  • Thursday, Sept. 11:
    Garlic chicken, roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables, $10.00.
  • Friday, Sept. 12:
    Mediterranean Pasta Toss (farfelle pasta with artichoke hearts, feta cheese and spring vegetables), tossed salad, $8.00.
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